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Shisan, Late Arrival

late arrival
a cold draught
clears the stuffy air

a row of coats
against the radiator

guitar picking,
the speed of taxis
through the rain

* * *

the old lady's dachshund
does a u-turn

frosty dawn
the moon goes down
over the retirement home

autumn light
climbing the eucalyptus

* * *

hard to tell
when it should end
the polite silence

catching his hand
her fingernails

home from the beach
they wash off the sand

* * *

a scent of jasmine
across the pool

at the door
a bouquet of irises
without a note

morning sun
he waxes his walking boots

Composed on the occasion of the British Haiku Society AGM
Conway Hall, London, UK

on 29.11.03
renjyu (participating poets):
Matthew Paul, UK
Fred Schofield, UK
Andrew Shimield, UK
Alison Williams, UK - sabaki (lead poet)

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