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Young Dream
by Michael Ketchek

I'm dreaming, I'm at this party where there are people of all ages. I'm sitting on a couch talking to a boy about fourteen. Subjects come and go, baseball, music, Vonnegut. We both like Vonnegut. Then a pretty girl his age walks into the room and looks in our direction. The boy blushes, and our conversation stops. I think how glad I am to be a few years older, no longer embarrassed by the glance of a member of the opposite sex. Then I realize, that of course, the girl was only looking at my companion, and I am not just a couple years older. I'm thirty-five years older. I wake up thinking can I really be almost fifty years old?

4 AM
in the darkened mirror
no grey in my beard

Michael Ketchek lives in Rochester, NY with his wife, Penel, and son, Alex.

He prefers baseball, dark beer and live music with good solos.

His haibun have appeared in various magazines and anthologies including Journey To The Interior.

His tanka has been published in Raw Nervz, Tanka Splendor, Five Lines Down, Frogpond, Black Bough, American Tanka and soon to be published in Tanka Anthology from Redmoon Press.



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