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by Ron Moss

The traffic is heavy and we have all come to a stop: my gaze is drawn to the rows of ornamental plum trees just starting to show their blossom; out of the corner of my eye we see each other . . . she gives me a quick glance from the back seat and goes about her task

light rain -
a child paints her smile
on the car window

Charcoal Eyes
by Ron Moss

It's early morning at Salamanca Market. Already the crowd is thick with shoppers looking through local wares. This is the town of Hobart, which is the capital city of Tasmania. A land of rugged wilderness, filled with amazing flora and fauna and spectacular scenery.

six in a row
tasmanian devil toys
snarl at the crowd

My interest is taken to the young Chinese artist, who with deft strokes captures the features of a paying customer. He mindfully goes about his task, the distraction of the crowd no hindrance to his concentration. Something about his smile when he draws reminds me of the feeling you get when a moment in time is captured well . . .

sidewalk artist . . .
his charcoal eyes
in bright sunlight

Ron is also featured in this issue's haiga section: Haiga by Ron Moss

Ron Moss is a writer and artist who enjoys working in most Japanese forms. He is published in Australia and overseas in magazines such as Famous Reporter, Yellow Moon, Heron's Nest, Frogpond, World Haiku Review, Mainichi Daily News. He has received an honorary mention in the Japanese Suruga-Baika Literary Festival and a second place in the 7th Mainichi Daily News haiku competition.

ron mossHis Haiga have been published in Red Moon's Haibun Anthology, World Haiku Review, Paper Wasp, HaikuHut's Short Stuff and soon to be published edition of Reeds. He's a member of Watersmeet Haiku Group in Hobart, Tasmania; the World Haiku Association; and the World Haiku Club. He has won first prizes in Yellow Moon's international competition in Haiku, Haibun, Renga and placings in Tanka.

He lives at Leslie Vale, Tasmania with his wife Sharon. He is also a volunteer firefighter and an officer at his local fire brigade.

Ron was recently interviewed on the NPAC website after winning successive Gold Medals for haiga. To read it click on Interview. He has a web site at


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