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Museki Abe


Simply Haiku
March/April, 2004, v2n2

Museki Abe is he originator of the photo-haiku genre and is the webmaster of the Photo-Haiku Gallery and the World Tempos Journal, both of which focus on photo-haiku.

He has written a book 'haiku no susume' with Ikuyo Yoshimura, published by The Japan Times in 2003 which is for those who wish to learn how to write English haiku and photo-haiku.

He is a member of World Haiku Club, NOBO, Haiku Society of America, Haiku Canada, Haiku International and MIFA (Meguro International Friendship Association).

He especially likes to make plans related to English haiku events. He has made many plans including, the WHC Global Haiku Tournament, the WHC Photo-Haiku Contest, and the Haiku Column featured in the Daily Yomiuri, a newspaper. Last year he ran the Photo-Haiku World 2003 CANON camera website. He also has published Photo-Haiku Calendars in 2002 and 2003.

He won the Honorable Mention in World Haiku Festival 2000 and Silver Medal in Sakuraya Photo Contest 2003 in Tokyo.

He is featured in this issue of Simply Haiku in an Interview by Robert Wilson.

His web sites are:

He was also spotlighted in the World Haiku Review: