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Haiku by Etsuko Yanagibori

winter fireworks  
sparkle in the sky . . .  
I drink sake pealing
  with the winter wind
  a temple's bells
winter evening  
Nikko mountains in  
rainy mist winter butterfly
  leads me -
  a shiny path
a winter morning  
paralyzed my hands . . .  
I grasp the teacup winter moon
  your face is so
fallen ginkgo leaves  
dance on the street  
the sound of students Winter Sakura
  blooms on the mountain
  to see the moon
winter sunset  
Mt. Fuji melts  
in the dark winter moon
  lights up the room
  crossing the paper screen
tea flowers  
bloom this year  
in the wasted garden the toll booth's crossbar opens ~
  winter shadow
more clothes ~  
the Hunter Festival  
in Chichibu mountains  

Etsuko Yanagibori studies haiku in Kusanohana-Haiku-Kai in Japan with Japanese haiku master Akegarasu Fujita.

She enjoys the teaching of Master Akegarasu very much.

She is the moderator of the online Cherry Poetry Club.

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