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Haiku by Richard Goring

moon viewing -  
the drunk and his lady  
quarrel mooncloud drifting -
  the grey cat dissolves
  into darkness
vintage jet  
taking me back  
forty summers lunch break
  watching the park spider
  consume a wasp
zen garden  
raked to perfection  
- a few red leaves  

Richard Goring admits to being 62 and is a retired H.M. Customs and Excise Systems Analyst and Designer.

He lives in Southend-on-Sea in the county of Essex, England, is married, has three children, and seven grandchildren.

He has been studying and writing haiku, tanka, and related forms for 12 years, was an early member of the British Haiku Society, and served as the editor of its journal, Blithe Spirit, and as the Society's librarian.

His poems have been published in several British and North American journals and anthologies. Goring published a collection of poetry entitled Just These Few Stones. Although it is out of print, the full text can be read on Richard's website.

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