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Haiku and Senryu by Sheldon Young

chinese new year  
new age music--  
old bamboo flute art of teaching
  teaching of art--
  two-tone brush
little fish swim  
on the moon romantic interlude--
  chanel no. 5 in
  D Major
flu season  
-50C . . . . .  
rectal thermometer  

Sheldon Young was born in Hawkesbury, Ontario in 1954 and completed his high school education at Laurentian Regional High School in Lachute, Quebec. He later graduated from the two-year General Arts and Science Program at Algonquin College in Nepean, Ontario and eventually attended Concordia University in Montreal where he majored in English Literature.

He began writing haiku in 1984 and since then, has had his work published in 200+ journals, magazines and anthologies throughout North America, Britain and Japan. As time went by, he began to experiment with haiku and senryu and found that many poems no longer qualified as either Haiku or Senryu; hence his designation of the terms--Zenku, Zenka, Senku and Sinku to denote these apparent new forms.

His writing has also included fiction writing and he thanks Ray Bradbury for inspiring him to write way back in 1968 when he read The Martian Chronicles.

The writing of Sonnets and Experimental Forms of poetry interests him greatly and he tries to keep involved in these areas as much as possible. He likes to use the term "Maginative Fiction" to describe some of his writings in the fiction area and he will post a story or two in this vein on his new website in the near future to, hopefully, illustrate the point.

Presently, he is seeking employment in China to teach English and hopes to arrive there sometime in 2004.

His web site is "Echoes from Within: A Literary Odyssey."

Quotable Quote: "Onward, Pen--onward!"

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