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Haiku (and image) by Yasuhiko Shirota

no body
no sound around
grace of buddha

through a bamboo curtain  
families in the living room  
at dinner time light, heat, sweat-
  indian lilac in Hiroshima
  this summer too
out the door  
and into a sea  
of fragrant olive. trumpet lilies-
  the funeral file goes ahead
  silent in rain
mother and child's  
pilgrimage to the field  
of autumn flowers 16th moon-
  no one in the alley
  on the pavement
in the alley  
graffiti on the ground-  
a fine autumn day late in the fall-
  endless muffled chatter
  in the women's bath
nipping wind-  
groaning of a lathe  
from the factory autumn at night-
  wind touches the surface
  of hot skin after a bath

Yasuhiko Shirota was born in Nagano City, Japan in 1941. He is a graduate of Waseda University and is a member of the "sakura no mi" Japanese Haiku Club and the MIFA International Haiku Circle.

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