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Welcome to the results of the Simply Haiku New Year's Photo-Haiku Kukai. This gallery is a collaboration between Simply Haiku and members of the Images Photography Club of Edmonton, Canada. Haiku poets from around the world were invited to view the photographic images and to submit haiku.

Poets an'ya and soji served as judges and were asked to select both the best haiku and what might be called short poems en route to becoming good haiku. In both cases, they were asked to offer their reasons for their selections and their suggestions for improving the haiku in order to make this web site a learning experience for the readers. The number of submissions for the 12 images varied highly, so in some cases only a few haiku were selected whereas in others, given the greater number of submissions, more were selected. Both an'ya and soji want to point out that their comments reflect their own preferences and sensibilities in composing English language haiku. an'ya would have put her famous "IMHO" next to each of her comments, but we trust that readers will understand that for both judges.

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