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Image #4: Gerry Harris

fence and sun
together    lean
to earth

Gloria B. Yates, Australia

an'ya: so simple, yet effective, especially with the extra spaces in line 2. It truly compliments the photo by bringing three elements (the fence, the sun or moon, whichever it is, and the earth) together in a skillful way.

sleeping alone-
a full moon highlights
the leafless tree

John Bird, Australia

an'ya: This haiku starts right out with a line that catches the reader offguard, then moves on to the moon and the tree. It works well with the photo, and makes us pause to wonder if the person was tenting, and if so, we ask ourselves how cold was this evening in Autumn? Or was the person looking out a bedroom window? Many layers in this haiku for a reader to ponder.

careful fencing . . .
what does it keep in
keep out?

Gabriel Rosenstock (The Abbot of Dublin) Ireland

an'ya: I chose this for third because it's a hard-to-write question haiku without an obvious answer or at least an answer that's left up to the reader. It definitely causes one to take an in-depth look at the photo in order to determine what's kept in and kept out.