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Jeanne Emrich

lost again
in my thoughts
along a winding path --
snow melting
into forgetfulness

the snowbound gate
stands half open
behind my house
that moment you left
in such a hurry last fall

not even in my dreams
may I have you back again
for long
cloud shadows drift
across the moonlit snow                                             

there it is again
that feeling of floating
alone in outer space
and all I did was
open your door

we walked the beach
mother and child --
how I wish
it was you who found
that perfect sand dollar

[Tanka Splendor Award, 1999]

Jeanne Emrich is an artist and poet living in Edina, Minnesota. She was the founder and first webmaster of Haiga Online: A Journal of Poetry and Painting (1998-2002) and is the author of The Haiku Habit (1996), Barely Dawn (1999), and Berries and Cream: Contemporary Haiga in North America (2000), an interview with Michael Dylan Welch.

She has taught haiku, tanka, and haiga at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.

Currently, she is the editor of Reeds: Contemporary Haiga (2003), a publication of Lone Egret Press, which she founded in 1996.

Her interview with Robert Wilson is featured in a previous issue of Simply Haiku.

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