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kirsty karkow

frozen pond
how it groans and moans . . .
as it cracks
I understand the pain
of opening to one's depths

2nd place, Yellow Moon Tanka Contest 2003  


dappled sun    
marks this woodland path       
I follow you
under pines and wonder
if we are near the end


I weigh myself    
balanced on the scales
that measure pounds
and those that measure worth . . .
a skylark sings unnoticed


a celebration
of Love
yet the world is cold
and the sun seems weak


lost souls    
gather before Anubis
awaiting judgement
this long list I made
of my shortcomings

Kirsty Karkow was born in England and spent much of her youth in Arizona, Trinidad and Barbados.

A resident of the coast of Maine, and Maryland before that, she has at times been a competitive dressage rider, an instructor in Tai Chi and a sculptor in stone and clay.

Active outdoors and with Hospice, Kirsty is married to Ed and they have two grown children.

Writing poetry is a consuming interest which she likens to a spiritual practice.

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