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since her heart
and the inevitable
I've found shelter
in the ordinary
repeating itself

at the stove
my face glistens
with rising heat
the cool cotton sheets
soon drenched in our love

the open plain then
getting lost
in wiry brambles
deep inside you
after you've gone
the house sighs
an oppressive silence
from out of dark corners
too many legs

this morning
your web
across my doorway
I tear it down knowing
tomorrow I'll do the same

Paper Wasp 9(2) 2003


Lisa M. Tesoriero discovered tanka and haiku in 2001. Her first tanka received Highly Commended in a Yellow Moon competition and has since gone on to win a number of additional competitions within Australia.

Lisa's work has appeared in Paper Wasp, The Tanka Journal, Stylus Poetry Journal, The 2002 Jack Stamm Anthology and Yellow Moon.

Lisa also enjoys writing in other poetry forms, short stories, and articles, especially on natural science.

When not writing, Lisa is usually found immersed in nature, often sitting on the sandy edge of Australia.


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