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This issue is dedicated to
Robert John Mestre
Cofounder of Simply Haiku

Simply Haiku is the brainchild of Robert Mestre. Without his vision and dogged perseverance, it would not exist. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Rob has to hang up his hat and move on. We at Simply Haiku will miss him. The following were written by staff and friends as a tribute to our friend and colleague.

Robert Wilson

A Different Day: A Haibun Written for Rob Mestre
by Toshiro Takeshita

I never knew what 'fighting through the pain' meant until I watched Rob go through this ordeal. Being Rob I know he did not tell exactly what was wrong with him. He does not like pity or burdening others with negativity. He believes in always looking at the positive.

pulling the thorn
out of his finger--
beautiful rose

Rob has a herniated disk, which has been injured and re-injured many times. The last time was when he was attempting to move his computer desk with everything in it and on it. When he did so not only did pressure increase on his spinal chord, but the disk ruptured and pushed one disk tearing and damaging part of his spinal chord. Leaving one leg almost paralyzed.

in the park--
three legged dog
doesn't know it

For awhile he was down and depressed. When I came to help he looked like a mountain man. Unshaved, losing weight, and mean. Meaner than anyone I had ever met. Then one day it just stopped. I don't know why. He never said and I never asked.

There he was showered, shaved, and actually trying to meditate. Then every day, he would steadily try to exercise more and more, and meditate more and more.

bee's buzz

It was very weird. He went from mean with no hope to one of the nicest people I've known with all the hope in the world. I would not even call it hope. He had new beliefs. New views on everything.

little waves
lapping at my legs--
thoughts swimming

Today he is much better. He will never be the same. Yet I don't think he would want to be. He has decided to spend the rest of his life promoting what got him through this time. Love, his family and friends, and his belief system. He tells me now that every second is a second that should not be wasted. That everyone's life is a book, that needs someone to write it. If you don't the pages will still be there but remain blank and wasted.

where those roses
as red yesterday?
a different day

the willow at night  
a tree  
just a tree one bright peak
robert d. wilson above the clouds
  High Sierras
  Allen McGill
moved by the sun  
evergreens stretch across  
winter's pond slow shadow
Bette Wappner [b'oki] oak leaves appear
  on the grass
  Michael Rehling
spring stream --  
the pebbles sing  
a new song day's end
Carol Raisfeld the long shadow cast
  by a pebble
  Ray Rasmussen
cherry blossoms  
in dim night  
lead me to haiku  
Etsuko Yanagibori  


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