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Interview of Robert John Mestre
by Robert Wilson

Q. What was your reason for starting Simply Haiku?

A. I wanted to share the beauty of haiku with the world. I have to admit, after writing many other forms of English poetry, it was refreshing to find a simple poem with such depth and beauty.

Q. Why the name, Simply Haiku?

A. In my opinion, haiku is simple in its beauty and depth. I thought the title should match.

Q. Pretty soon, Simply Haiku will celebrate its first birthday. How does that make you feel?

A. This makes me happy. I am thankful to you and the other editors for giving so much of yourselves to keeping Simply Haiku alive. Many never thought it would make it even a year.

Q. What is it about haiku that attracts you to it?

A. Its simplicity and beauty, mostly. The irony in many of the poems is very attractive to me. To see what someone was actually thinking when something happened is sometimes so different, it makes the complete picture amazing.

Q. What to you, constitutes good haiku versus bad haiku, and why?

A. I do not think I am at the level where I can adequately answer this yet. Though I have had a few gems, much (most) of what I write is never shown to anyone.

Q. What haiku poet has had the greatest influence on you?

A. I must say that since my cousin Toshiro Takeshita has come to help me, I have learned more than at any other time in my life. When he first came, I thought I was the big man on campus. I was soon to find out differently. His work is great and humbling. But as he says, "You are young. Be patient."

Q. Do you have any advice for those who want to see their poetry published in off and/or online literary magazines and journals?

A. Be humble, down to earth, and be ready for a lot of constructive advice. And never give up.

Robert John Mestre was the co-founder of Simply Haiku and for its first year served as the Managing Editor and web designer.

He has been writing poetry of all forms for over twenty years and has been published in various journals. He recently won an Honorable Mention Award in the 6th Suruga-Baika Literary Festival. He is an active member of the World Haiku Club. He is also an award winning Internet web site designer.

Rob was raised as a Buddhist and now practices Buddhism under his Buddhist name, Dhammasaavaka. He is the founder of Grassroots Buddhism. Two related web sites that he maintains are:
Grassroots Buddhism
Buddhism On The Net

Rob, his wife and children, reside in Orlando, Florida.

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