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Graham Nunn

measuring the depth

the ocean's landscape is raw, its endless cycle continually giving and receiving new life. this is a landscape that needs no fence. no storm can dim its surface, no man can shape its beauty, no passing of time can defile its myth. it is ageless, despite its constant ripples. i have stood here every year and looked into its mirror, to measure the depth of my nature. its certainty always assures me.

another year older
and the waves
keep on coming

Graham Nunn is an Australian writer and founding member of the local performance group, speedpoets. Currently he lives in Brisbane, Queensland, where he edits and produces the monthly speedpoets zine.

His work has been featured in online ezines such as Get Underground, Retort Magazine, Vibewire, Slamming The Sonnet, Muse Apprentice Guild, Ink Mag, Stylus Poetry Journal, Sidereality, Simply Haiku, tinywords, Short Stuff, Haiku Oz and the World Haiku Association Site. He has also published in print magazines: Run Panic Bight, speedpoets, paper wasp, Yellow Moon and Famous Reporter and in the anthologies Text Messages, From the Anabranch, Love and Fear, The Between Space, Speedpoets - The Best Of 2003 and Small Packages.

He was invited to read at the QLD Poetry Festival (2001, 2002 and 2003), Straight Out Of Brisbane Festival (2002 and 2003), Triple Z's - Joint Effort (2003), the Brisbane Writers' Festival (2003) and various other poetry readings including feature spots at New and Selected (2001-2), Orphic (2003) and the Expressure Lounge (2003). He has also performed his work on 4ZZZ, Planet Radio and 119.7AM.

His first collection of haiku, A Zen Firecracker, published by Impressed Publishing was released in 2003.

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