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Erin Harte

Simply Haiku
May/June, 2004, v2n3

Erin Harte resides in New Hampshire where she writes short form Asian poetry and short fiction. She enjoys photography, sketching and painting, each of which she employs in creating her haiga. 

Erin is the owner and editor of Haiku Sun, an electronic 'zine' featuring the works of both aspiring and established haijin/poets. She was haiga editor for Simply Haiku for the better part of 2003 and currently delights in her role as a contributing editor for Short Stuff, a journal of short form poetry. She also co-moderates the Visual Arts forum at Haiku Hut, her home away from home.

Erin's work has been published in Flash!point, Short Stuff, Buddha's Temple, Amaze, Danaho Muse, Simply Haiku and Haiga Online. Her work has appeared in River Man Publishing House's Sakura, as well as Peshekee River Poetry's Old Fedora.

She was a winner in the 2003 Tanka Splendor awards as well as the 8th WHA haiga contest. Erin is a member of the WHC, WHA and the Seacoast Writers' Association.