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Kate Creighton


Ben Gottlieb


Simply Haiku
May/June, 2004, v2n3

New Jersey native Kate Creighton was born into a large Irish Catholic family and learned quickly that she needed to find a unique voice if she was going to be heard. She searched for that voice throughout school, writing for the high school newspaper and earning a BA in English from Kean University with a concentration in Creative Writing. Nothing sounded quite right until in her adulthood she rediscovered haiku while reading a novel relating to Japanese culture. It seems enchanting to her how so few words can express so much.To Kate, the connection between nature and human nature is spiritual as well as physical, sometimes comical, sometimes melancholy.

Making her home on the New Jersey coast between Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, she finds maritime nature to be a most inspirational muse. Masajo Suzuki's sensitive, stirring love haiku have been a source of education and constant inspiration as well.

Kate's haiku have been published in several electronic journals, including World Haiku Review, Short Stuff, Moments, Visual Haiku, Pegasus Dreaming and temps libres.

If her plan works as she hopes, a book of haiku praising the beauty of the New Jersey coast and its inhabitants will be published sometime soon. To pay the bills Kate currently works for the world's largest bookseller. More of her short poetry and photo haiku can be seen on her web site, close to haiku.

Photographic collaborator Ben Gottlieb was born in Israel and now lives in southern New Jersey where he works as an electrical engineer. He chooses to capture his love of life on film as a medium with no language barriers.