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Brush Illustrations by
Jim Kacian
Calligraphy by

Simply Haiku
May/June, 2004, v2n3

This presentation is a collaboration of Jim Kacian's art work and haiku and b'oki's calligraphy.

Jim Kacian (United States) is a co-founder of the World Haiku Association, as well as owner of Red Moon Press and editor of Frogpond, the international membership journal of the Haiku Society of America.

He has published six books of haiku, and is working towards a second novel.

These haiga were conceived and executed in a single stroke using a broad stiff-bristled brush and Pelikan blue-black ink on watercolor paper. Jim says that he likes to work in many different media and that this is certainly the simplest of them.

For more information, read Richard Gilbert's essay: Global Haiku and the Work of Jim Kacian.

"b'oki" - haigo for Bette Wappner, artist/poet, rediscovered by haiku in summer 2000.

She is a member of World Haiku Club. She combines haiku with the Japanese woodblock printmaking technique called Moku-Hanga.

She enjoys life and nature in Kentucky, USA with her husband and two children.

Her Website: b'oki's Art and Haiku unite