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Benita Kape

Bali moon  
I see the other side  
of you tonight  
  lifestyle block ~
  designer ducks fossick at the fence
day moon in a low-mown field
important news  
the sky only blue  
  early morning showers
  cherry blossoms
this handsome shadow in the path of prayers
on the window  

Benita Kape lives in Tairawhiti on the East Coast of New Zealand. Having enjoyed a full working life and raised a family of four, she now cares full-time for her disabled husband and spends a great deal of time in her fairly large garden.

However, first and foremost, she regards herself as a writer. She began writing haiku a little over two years ago after seeing a WHC promotion in the Guardian. Until then she had been writing mainly free verse and short stories. It would be true to say she found haiku to be life changing. Her work has appeared in writershood, mothertongued and LYNX

She also had the great honour to have an honourable mention in Mainchi Daily News

She took part in the Kasen Renku “On The Road to Basra” ( led by Willam J Higginson in March/April 2003.

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