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Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic

first day of autumn -  
wind makes a cold cage  
around the house  
  dormant cat -
  November frost drives away
St. Thunderer Elias' day - sparrows from the fence
stars elope  
before the rain  
  instead of leaves
  plastic bags on the branches -
between lightning the wind day after day
and thunder - one moment  
without a breath  

Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic was born in 1958 in Smederevo, Yugoslavia. She is an electrical engineer, a computer specialist, and is now teacher of computers and informatics.

She writes classical poetry and haiku and has five poetry books published. Her poetry is published in many magazines, collections and anthologies, in Serbia & Montenegro and abroad (Japan, USA, England, Slovenia, Netherlands, India, Croatia, Romania, Canada, Czech) including the following international magazines: Blithe Spirit, Mainichi Daily News, Modern Haiku, Point Judith Light, The Heron's Nest, Ginyu, Ko, Haiku Canada Newsletter, Woodpecker, In Buddha's Temple, Letni casi, Ehime, Haiku, Poets International, Seagull; and the following national magazines: Haiku moment, Haiku novine, Haiku informer, Haiku pismo, Listak, Paun, Maslacak, Osvit, Vesnik, Haiku moment info, Ljubicica, Lotos, Gradina, Krovovi, Nas Glas, Sartid, Lotos, Pomak, Leptir.

Her work appears on more then 40 Internet web sites (The Heron's Nest, Mainichi Daily News, Asahi Haikuist Network, World Haiku Review, Poetry In The Light, Aozora haiku, Temps Libres/Free Times, Shiki Haiku Salon, Digital Haiga Gallery (See Haiku Here), Suien, Borders&Time (Moments), Haiku Cycles, Haiku Harvest, World Tempos Journal, Ginyu, Haijinx, Carpe Diem, Electronic Poetry Network - Poem of the Day, Tinywords, Buddha's Temple, Nature Haiku Wall, Autumn Leaves, Haikumania, AHA!Poetry, Inter Arts)

She is also an art photographer, and has taken part in more then 100 group and 5 independent photo exhibitions. Her photo-works have earned a great number of awards.

She won eight international haiku awards: Nyuusen (Third Prize) on Kusamakura Kumamoto Competition 2001; Merit award on 14th Itoen 2003; Second Award and Honorable Mention on Mainichi Daily News Annual Selection for 2000 and 1998; Honorable Mention on The Mainichi Haiku Contest 2002; Runners-up on JSWE Competition 2001; Honorable Mention on HIA Competition 2001; Golden Star on Toast Point Contest 1998 .

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