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Mary King

inky clouds  
-- from time to time  
the moon  
  sparrow song -
  chimney smoke reflected
war headlines on a bright red car
-- the cat's paw  
touches my face  
  storm clouds
  -- even the cats
ghost moon - are huffy today
across the rain-soaked street  
a rain-soaked cat  
  sun-warmed brick
  does that goggle-eyed bug
winter dawn - think i look strange?
slowly, the tree's silhouette  
becomes a tree  

Mary King lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and works as a trust accountant in Boston.

She has written short fiction for much of her life, and is currently working on a short story in journal form.

She's a member of the World Haiku Club and has had work published at the Heron's Nest and Temps Libres.



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