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Michael McClintock

cloud after cloud . . .  
the many-windowed prison  
at Sing Sing  
  a year's rain --
  little pits hardened
done for the day, in the sun-baked earth
an ironwood chair  
for my bones  
  straightening my back --
  the gong from a bell
enough daylight on a distant hill
to walk the distance  
to your garden  
and back---if you seated on a plane
send me back I've become another
  of your many lovers
  disappearing fast
at the bottom over the horizon
of a trash can  
a wrapped baby  
looking up nothing to do,
at the stars putting on
  loud socks
  --Maya: Poems 1968-75 (Seer Ox , 1975)
an old photo  
of my parents  
young and happy -- for breakfast
of all the things I own I'll give you bread
that is the saddest but for the afternoon
  please carry the worms
--The Tanka Anthology and let's go fishing
(Red Moon Press, 2003)  
  --San Francisco International Tanka Contest
  2003 (HPNC)
sometime during the day  
the shining haze has left this field  
faintly green sketching in pencil
  an old face
--Daily Yomiuri, Feb. 2004 a thousand rivers
  --Special Award, Basho Festival 2003
the moon  
has found it for me  
a mountain path a candle
  flares, darkening
--Drevniok Award 2002, Haiku Canada the basilica
  --Tundra No. 2, 2001
the short winter day  
is over;  
boiling noodles each there
  for the other---
--Tundra No. 2, 2001 moon and pine
  --Still, Issue 4, 2001
during the night  
the rain returns  
to the paper roof windless day . . .
  down the line of aspens
--Still, Issue 2, 2001 pass the years
  --from the haibun "High Gun on the Gila,"
muggy night . . . Commended, Nobuyuki Yuasa
the child's moon drawing International English Haibun
taped to the fridge Competition, 2003
--from the haibun "Raspados,"
2nd Award, Nobuyuki Yuasa
International English Haibun competition, 2002

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