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Bollimuntha Venkata Ramana Rao

Rosy lips  
Blooming smiles  
Pleasure fills the heart.  
  White walls
  Turn white
Carnival of water Unkissed by little hands.
Between banks  
A music recital.  
  A handful of aspirations
  Scattered overhead
Kissing the lips Flickering.
Newborn buds  
Blossomed into smiles.  

Bollimuntha venkata Ramana Rao, who is thirty-five, has had a passion for writing since he was a teenager. Although he writes primarily in his mother tongue, Telugu, he has been writing poetry for three years in English as well. He won the (poetry-In-Motion) contest prize in October 2001.

Rao has an MA in Sociology, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and a postgraduate diploma in Journalism and Mass media.

He served with All India Radio as an announcer and production assistant for seven years, and worked in the editorial department for a magazine.

He is currently based in Hyderabad, where he is working as a freelancer.

He is the author of: Chigurukala (Haiku anthology in telugu) and The book of Uncommon Quips.

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