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Vasile Moldovan
From The Moon's Unseen Face
Translated into English by Christain-Mihail

A young child's visage  
stuck against the window's glass:  
the full Moon's bright cheek  
  Lacustrine carpet---
  warped amongst all those algae,
  the Moon's fair curls
Avoiding the moon  
Only the shadow's shadow  
through desert village  
  Quaint company:
  together in the cobweb
  a fly and the Moon
Clothes hanging to dry---  
the evening's wind undresses  
the Moon's kimono  
  Tunnel through the fog---
  the dying man's wide open eyes
  seeking for the Moon
A leaf's javelin  
moves around the Moon's barrier  
like a thin razor  
  Another sunset---
  naughty, behind the fir trees
  the Moon's chubby cheek
Night fishing party---  
amongst dozens of dark hooks  
the Moon's bright sickle  
  upright to the skies
  a thin ladder out of silk:
  the Moon's shiny rays

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