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Solo Nijuin: Beyond the Labyrinth


to no avail watching
the hawthorn
a stone musical C

the mystery of white flowers
dilate mountains at dawn

in the untainted air
the silent mirrored
undulations of shape

the saint quietly sipping
universes at his teatime



the sea stirring
the halo of the moon
as well as flat thoughts

autumn and her lips reflect
a kiss not mine

leaves gliding
beyond the labyrinth
on the green thigh

I know why I close my eyes
whenever I have taken the wrong road

the blind are listening
to the light's deafening clap
in the cathedral

I am placing organ tubes
on Johann's tomb



the frosty wind
the circular garden
turns into a sound

no longer will we find in embers
the sacred music of the moon

on the writing table
Venus of Tomis
fills up the emptiness

the passing-on
defies any form of exile

alone I engrave
your kiss ideograph
on the grain of wheat

the blood-bathed ladder
I will hurl down to you



on the wooden beam
wheat-ears rotted
in the hands of angels

over the clock face the bonsai
is turning the minute-hand green

out of acacia blossoms
the midget is making
his house of woe

the fragrance of spring
making sound the tenderer



all verses: Constantin Severin
from the collection: The Axolotl
Translated from the Romanian by Liviu Martinescu