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Larry Kimmel

on the living room wall
a print of Camden Harbor
     nothing’s changed
     in twelve years
we can’t even drown

more & more
this inner life -
might as well be a brain
in a bell jar
with stylus attached

it just goes on
and on
a grocery list
of needs
only the sky changes

her laughter
trails out the window --
a bevy
of blue butterflies over
the moon washed city

Hummingbird: VIII: 3; 1998

Rorschach tree-scape
and moon fleeced clouds . . .
how unlikely,
against a yellow windowshade,
this perfect female profile

Tanka Splendor Award 1996

Larry Kimmel's tanka have appeared in Canada and England as well as the USA. 

He has been a frequent winner of the Tanka Splendor Award, as well as having appeared in Hummingbird; Lynx; Raw Nervz Haiku; American Tanka; Woodnotes; Poetry in the Light; still; dew-on-line; bottle rockets; Nor' Easter and others, as well as the anthologies How to Haiku (Tuttle Press) and The Tanka Anthology (Red Moon Press). 

Having begun as a haiku poet, Kimmel says that he has more and more leaned toward tanka, as it suits his subjective and lyrical needs.

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