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Pamela Miller Ness

We feed the ducks
you & I
the laughing little boy you
have begun to become.

American Tanka #7 (Fall 1999)

Whitman wrote:
Look for me under
your bootsoles.
And I do.
And you are.

Raw NerVZ Haiku IX:1 (Spring 2003)

Mother's library
I tuck
the ribbon I gave her
into a new book.

unrolling the awning, (Grand Central Station Tanka Cafe, 2003)

Dancing Ganesha,
god with the elephant head,
lend me
your tusk dipped in ink, let me
write long, long as the Ganges.

Lilliput Review #127 (November 2002)

To Guanyin
seated on my study shelf:
grant me
grace when the words flow
and grit in the silences.

TSA Newsletter IV:3 (September 2003)

Pamela Miller Ness's most recent project was completion of The Tanka Anthology (Red Moon Press, 2003), edited with Michael McClintock and Jim Kacian.

A teacher of English and resident of New York City, Ness's work is noted for its craftsmanship, fine tones and moods, and carefully nuanced structuring.

Her publications include two tanka collections from Swamp Press: Alzheimer's Waltz (1999) and Like Salt on Sun Spray (2000). 

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