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Raffael de Gruttola

on the sidewalks
of the barrios
the gypsy children sing:
"teach me tonight"

there's a rope
around her waist
and her breasts
what more is there
to atone for

she passes . . .
a quick glance
from behind dark glasses
I'm done in
for the day

in the afternoon shadows
there's nothing to take
this bull
has outdone me

I give and I give
and once more
if it's not for you
then who else
jealous one

Raffael de Gruttola has been writing haiku and other related Japanese poetic forms for over twenty-five years.

He was a founding member of the Boston Haiku society in 1987. He has been the President and Treasurer of the Haiku Society of America as well as its first Northeast Regional Coordinator.

He is a retired educator and continues to do consultant work with various government and art agencies both locally and nationally. 

He has one book of haiku, Recycle/Reciclo, published in 1989, and echoes in sand, a portfolio of haiga, published in 2000 in collaboration with a painter friend, Wilfred Croteau. 

His haiku have appeared in numerous magazines in the US, Japan, England, and Europe.

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