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Roderick Stewart


Simply Haiku
July/August 2004
vol.2, no.4

Roderick Stewart has an English degree (University of Victoria), has numerous diplomas including Power Engineering Certification, Microsoft Certification (FrontPage Admin) and Web Architecture and has taken courses in Photoshop & PageMaker.

His PhotoHaiku Arts website is one of the most extensive and sophisticated modern haiga sites on the Internet, combining his skills in photography, haiku composition and website design. Of the site he writes: "The primary focus of PhotoHaiku Arts is on the intuitive relationship between photographic images and haiku poetry. A secondary focus is on the inner activity of an outward stillness, our calmness communing with that in nature, or as Basho so perfectly put it, 'the mutual transference of subjective selves.'"

He has won a prize for photography in Boulevard Magazine and in the photo-haiku world he has published in Haiku Canada and won 3rd place in the Interactive Photo-Haiku/World Haiku Club competition for photographs. A set of his photo-haiku was published in the World Haiku Review. He has an award-winning haiku at Daichuji Temple in Japan. He did the photography for and wrote the miniature book Petal Lumière (production of limited edition by Jean Day Miniatures).