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Kilmeny Niland

Art & Digital Images

Simply Haiku
July/August 2004
vol.2, no.4

Kilmeny Niland is an Australian artist who enjoys dabbling in all things arty. Over the years, she has been involved with writing and illustration (over 25 picture books), animation, miniature art and painting for several solo and group exhibitions, with a sprinkling of awards in each. Her current passion is portraiture and a highlight was having one of her paintings accepted for the National Portrait Gallery collection.

Her interest in haiku began four years ago with work being selected into the First and Second Australian Haiku Anthologies, Paper Wasp, Jack Stamm Award (3rd Place) , WHA and Yellow Moon among others.

Her artistic career has been divided between the ‘fine arts’ and book illustration. She finds both to be challenging and each has supported the other.

Kilmeny writes: "I see myself as a figurative artist, an observer always interested in the humour, the follies and foibles of the human experience, especially the idiosyncratic and eccentric. For that reason, like art that can hint at the extraordinary within the ordinary, that engages the intellect and the imagination, that suggests a world beyond the immediate. To me, a successful painting has many layers that tap into the imagination, creating an interaction between the work and the viewer. Imagination, quality of technique – the well-wrought urn – and an unpredictable juxtaposition of images all combine to encourage the second look. Haiga has been my great discovery of 2004 because I can enjoy the challenge of combining haiku with a complementary image while exploring the potential of digital tools. Some of these haiga originated with a painted or drawn piece of art scanned into the computer, then altered in varying degrees via the software. Other haiga evolved from scratch on the computer without resorting to pen or brush – a very novel exerience for me. I love drawing and painting the world without and the world within, experimenting with colour, design, texture and light. I know I am in the kindergarten of digital art but I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Kilmeny's website: Contemporary Haiga.

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