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Brenda Roberts: Haiku

catching the grandaddy  
of all catfish  
tall tales growing bigger an old washtub
  filled with creek mud
  and crawdads
on the side of the highway  
a dog house  
shaped like an armadillo outside the circle of headlights
  the goat's green eyes
  and fireflies
the outhouse  
filled with horse feed  
indoor plumbing  

Brenda Roberts, a native Texan who lives in Sansom Park, Texas with her husband, Cliff and poet mate Coke Brown.

She has performed with SawGrass and Friends at Artists openings in SoHo Gallery and Yellow House Gallery as well as in Barnes and Nobles in Fort Worth.

She is treasurer of Fort Worth Haiku Society and chairperson of the upcoming Poetry Society of Texas Summer Conference. Brenda and Cliff host Four Star Five Minute Writing Workshop each Thursday night.

Her hobbies are writing fantasy, fiction, romance, poetry and playing with her Japanese Silky chicken and the family calico cat, Greta.

Her most recent publication is in an anthology of LaFemme Poets.

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