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Darrell Byrd: Haiku

fish scale moon  
on the taut line  
beads of sweat morning moon
  a pat of butter melts
  into the toast
a foul din from the mouth  
of the den    tentative sprouts
  in the spring snow . . .
  sugar beets 
meadow frost  
twin wolf pups  
nipping puffs of steam  

Darrell Byrd, age 66, an Agricultural Biologist, lives in the Imperial Valley, California, USA, a diverse agricultural area in the northern Sonoran Desert.

He became interested in Japanese culture while serving in the Pacific Fleet stationed in Sasebo, Japan.

He recently rediscovered haiku and contributes regularly to the on-line haiku lists and Photo-Haiku sites. His haiku have been included in Frogpond, Heron's Nest, Modern Haiku, Acorn and Paper Wasp.

Darrell takes advantage of the desert and mountain terrain of his environs, and of his years at sea, for inspiration in creating his haiku.

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