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Ed Markowski: Haiku

waning moon  
my reflection on the hood  
of a 65 mustang morning rain
  my daughter fingerpaints
  her step-father's face
rush hour  
a streetwalker works  
the passing lane flag day
  a red teddy
  ripples on the clothesline
with each fresh log  
a taller tale  


Ed Markowski resides in Auburn Hill, Michigan.

His work has appeared in The Birmingham Poetry Review, Blind Man's Rainbow, Bear Creek Haiku, Bottle Rockets, Brevities, The Elysian Fields Baseball Quarterly, Fan Magazine, Heron's Nest, MayFly, Modern Haiku, Nerve Cowboy, The Parnassus Literary Journal, Raw Nervz Haiku, The River Rouge Examiner, Sho Magazine, Short Stuff, Slow Trains, and Snapshots.

His poetry was first published by City Magazine in 1978, and has been featured on Detroit Public Radio.

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