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Geert Verbeke: Haiku

natural bridges  
carved by rain and frost  
no badger burrows this canyon shows off
  multicolored hoodoos
  framed by foothills
lack of nearby  
large light sources  
hardly star gazing wildflowers of spring
  elsewhere may bloom
  late in summer
eagles and owls  
winter here  
dreaming of the spring  

GEERT VERBEKE (born 31 May 1948, in Kortrijk Flanders).

Writing haiku and travel stories is where his heart lies. He is a real Kuyu (haiku friend), who prefers to write (Western) haiku, including both seasonal and non-seasonal poems. 

His modest pathway has taken various avenues, he did some `bread and butter' jobs: factory worker, service station attendant, artist, parks department worker, jazz-photographer, volunteer in terminal care & expert in Creative Problem-Solving (C.O.C.D, Antwerp). 

He don't claims to be a guru nor a teacher. The focus of his haiku writing & singing bowls music is to strike a balance between structure and expression, between new creativity and amazement. He believes in the possibilities of haiku & music to promote a peaceful understanding and respect between people from all cultures. 

He just edited his first haiku book (English & Dutch): KOKORO.


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