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Michael Meyerhofer: Haiku

New Year's Eve -  
the snowy vale  
full of shadows sleepless night -
  reshaping the clock ticks
  into a lullaby
baptist revival -  
a crippled man leaves  
with lighter pockets snowy field -
  brown and white horses
  running together
from barn to house -  
my footsteps  
tugging the moon  

Michael Meyerhofer's work has appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, American Tanka, bottle rockets, Acorn, Snapshots, Chiron Review, Free Lunch, and others.

He's a member of the World Haiku Club and the Haiku Society of America.

Currently, he is working on an MFA at Southern Illinois University where he teaches, lifts weights, drinks too much coffee, and maintains naive fantasies of poetry saving the world.

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