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Gene Doty: Haiku

bitter cold--  
a crow in the hackberry  
folds his wings closer the morning paper
  lies heavy
  on new jonquils
midnight train  
the crossing gate  
chimes the hour grackles eating
  from the cat's dish--
  it tips!
using her razor  
to shave my ears--  
a spot of blood  

Gene Doty used to be Eugene Warren and published the bulk of his poems as Eugene Warren. He also publishes poems and edits The Ghazal Page as Gino Peregrini. Explanations of these names and more biographical information can be found at his web sites: [Personal Website] [Ghazal Page].

Recently (the last 15-20 years), his poems have focused on haiku,  tanka, sijo, and ghazals, as well as more familiar "free verse" forms.

When he writes, he tries to articulate what it is that wants to be said in a poem.

Collections of poetry (from broadsides to chapbooks to full collection): Christographia (Ktaadn Press 1973), Rumors of Light (GrafikTrakts 1974), Christographia 1-32 (Cauldron Press 1977), Geometries of Light (Harold Shaw Publishers 1981), Fishing at Easter (BkMk Press 1981), Similitudes (Carmarthen Oak Press 1983), Zero: Thirty Ghazals (AHA Books Online 1998), Nose to Nose (Brooks Books 1998).

Scholarly jive from Gene Doty: "I've written articles and notes on Philip K. Dick, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, Russell Hoban, James Blish, Stephen King, role-playing games, and Michael Tolkin's film, The Rapture."

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