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Adelaide B. Shaw: Tanka


reflected through a wine glass
this winter night
somewhere beyond the moment
the rumble of a train

my mind still hears
the lilt of his voice
carried on the wind
the long stories he told
sipping a single malt scotch

the damp autumn wind
washes across my exposed face;
digging deeper
into the blankets
and the warmth of you

summer heat
in the shade of bougainvillea
he sips coffee alone,
the deep paths of memory
lining his face

through stained glass windows
rainbow lights for the bride
reciting the vows
I slip my hand in yours
saying words said years before

--Stylus Poetry Journal #5, March/April 2003

Adelaide B. Shaw tells us: "I began writing haiku 30 years ago and have been published in several haiku journals, both in print and online. I only recently became interested in tanka and like being able to say more. I also write short stories (some published) and have written two novels (both unpublished). I live in Scarsdale, New York, with my husband of 43 years, have three children and six grandchildren."

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