Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
September-October 2004, vol. 2, no. 5

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Adelaide Shaw: Haibun



A hint of red bleeds through the fog shrouded trees.

the drip of moisture
from leaf to leaf-
mist on my glasses

Seeing the lane one tree at a time. The almost silence, just white noise in the distance.

the crack of a branch-
a squirrel down a tree
and up another


We arrive in late afternoon. The beach, nearly deserted and the parking attendant gone. The ocean still warm. Time enough before our picnic supper for a quick swim. Time to build a sand castle and play tag with the children. Space and freedom. No one to bother us about kicking sand or a ball thrown wild.

Later, we sip coffee, snuggled together in sweaters and blankets against the chill of evening. Gulls hover for scraps of food. Shades of pink and purple stretch across the horizon.

sloshing waves-
the light goes out
with the tide

Adelaide B. Shaw writes: "I began writing haiku 30 years ago and have been published in several haiku journals, both in print and online. I only recently became interested in tanka and like being able to say more. I also write short stories (some published) and have written two novels (both unpublished). I live in Scarsdale, New York, with my husband of 43 years, have three children and six grandchildren."