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Sumi-E Paintings

Linda Velasquez

Simply Haiku
September-October 2004

Linda Velasquez was born and raised in Colorado. She loved to roam the countryside picking up red sandstone rocks, breaking them apart to find the petrified images caught for all time. She moved to California where her love of nature grew.

Linda studied Japanese painting with a Sumi-e Master. Her teacher was a hard task master who demanded much practice, enough to make his students expert painters. Her training was so strong that whatever art she attempted, it always resulted in Sumi-e.

She also attended Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California.

Linda now lives in Richfield, Minnesota with her husband and daughter.

Her goal is to produce as many Traditional Sumi-e paintings as possible.

The red seal on the paintings represents 'Spring'; the brush characters identify the artist: Linda Velasquez, 2003.

Persons interested in her prints can contact her at: vadnil0@comcast.net