Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
September-October 2004, vol. 2, no. 5

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Art Stein: Tanka


from above
the irrigated farms’
circular plots
form board games with
infinite solutions.

--from American Tanka #7


my fingers
above the keyboard
my indulgent muse
late, as usual

--from American Tanka #7


through the fog
of our last evening
your taillights
pulsing on and off
down the rutted drive

--from American Tanka #13


emerging from
the early morning fog,
ridges appear—
thin islands
in a dense white sea


on warm sand
my toes
inches from the whole
Atlantic Ocean

-- from BOGG (UK) #17


Art Stein’s route to tanka runs along familiar lines—writing and enjoying the short, imagistic haiku, followed by an awareness that tankas’ slightly longer, lyric form, offered a broader canvas on which to paint deep, personal expression, acute observations. His poems appear regularly in the journals which carry Japanese forms in English and have received commendations in the 2001 and 2003 Snapshot Press Chapbook Competitions, the 2001 North American Tanka Competition. Art placed second in TSA’s 2002 International Tanka Contest and third in HSA’s 2002 Gerald Brady Senyru contest. Several of his tanka are included in the recently published, The Tanka Anthology (Red Moon Press, 2003). A semi-retired architect, he lives with his artist wife, Margaret, in Northfield, MA.