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haiku by an'ya :: images by Ed Baker

an'ya . . . whose haigo (haiku nom de plume) loosely translates to 'a peaceful light in the moonless night,' lives in Oregon, USA. Besides editing haigaonline, she is the director for the World Haiku Club beginners sessions, the Newsletter Editor for the Tanka Society of America and the Founder/President of the Oregon haiku and tanka Society.

an'ya has been bestowed numerous awards for her haiku poetry as well as other verse forms, not only throughout the United States, but in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, India, the UK.

She has five books, haiku for a moonless night, haiku wine, crosswinds, haiku in my apron pocket and haiku for the birds. Her book, haiku for a moonless night, has recently won Second Place in the Merit Book Awards of the Haiku Society of America

Beginning in 2005, an'ya will be editor of a new international bi-annual journal entitled Moonset.

Her personal website can be viewed at The Natural Light Press.
Her extended biography is found at: www.haigaonline.com under staff members.

About himself, Ed Baker writes:

"I was born in Washington, DC on April 19, 1941 . . . I'm still here in 2004. My grandmother was the first woman to drive an automobile in this city. I have met many people who have acknowledged my poetry and art. If you are interested in specifics, come visit and bring a 12 pack . . . I will cook up a stew . . . maybe ask Bob Arnold, Chuck Sandy, or John Martone . . . ciao, ed"

Ed's website: http://edbaker.maikosoft.com/
Ed's email: edbaker41@verison.net