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Digital Haiga: Jim Kacian

Simply Haiku, Nov/Dec 2004

Jim Kacian is a familiar name in haiku circles. He is longtime editor of Frogpond, the international journal of the Haiku Society of America. He is also owner and founder of Red Moon Press, the largest and most prestigious publisher of English language haiku and related genres in the world.

He is author of eight books (one of which, Six Directions, features haibun), editor and/or translator of scores more, and is currently at work on a novel in which haiku plays a role.

He is co-founder of the World Haiku Association, and in 2001 spent three months traveling around the world in the name of haiku, during which time he helped to found eleven national haiku societies. He is co-editor and publisher of the Contemporary Haibun series, the only serial book dedicated to haibun and haiga in English.

In his spare time he is a tennis professional and an avid camper and kayaker.