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Yasuhiko Shirota


Simply Haiku
Nov/Dec 2005

Once again, we asked Yasuhiko Shirota to take us on a visit to his homeland, Japan, and he graciously replied with this striking set of images and haiku. This time his theme is "Winter in Japan."

He was born in Nagano City, Japan in 1941 and is a graduate of Waseda University. For more than 40 years, he has worked for the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship which provides services to developing countries and he will retire this year.

He became interested in haiku and waka because his father excelled in waka and he had the opportunity to read his father’s work.

Ten years ago he became one of the members of "Sakurano mi", a traditional Haiku Club. The prominent haijin, Mr. K. Namekata, is the master of the club. He is also a member of the Meguro International Haiku Circle, whose leader is Mr. Y. Koganei. The Meguro IHC published its 10th memorial edition last August.

Yasuhiko's photo-haiku have appeared in previous issues of Simply Haiku: