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Haiga: Geert Verbeke

GEERT VERBEKE (born 31 May 1948, in Kortrijk Flanders) writes:

Writing haiku and travel stories is where my heart lies. I am a Kuyu (haiku friend) who prefers to write (Western) haiku, including both seasonal and non-seasonal poems. 

My pathway has taken various avenues. I did some `bread and butter' jobs: factory worker, service station attendant, artist, parks department worker, jazz-photographer, volunteer in terminal care & expert in Creative Problem-Solving. 

The focus of my haiku writing & singing bowls music is to strike a balance between structure and expression, between new creativity and amazement. I believe in the possibilities of haiku & music to promote a peaceful understanding and respect between people from all cultures. 

Verbeke just edited his first haiku book (English & Dutch): KOKORO.
His Website: http://users.skynet.be/geert.verbeke.bowls
In Japan: http://home.alc.co.jp/db/owa/ph_diary