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Susan Frame

Sumi-e Haiga

Simply Haiku
Nov./Dec. 2004
vol.2, no.6

Susan Frame, from Clearwater, Florida has been a Sumi-e painter for nearly 30 years.

"Sumi-e" in Japanese translates as 'ink picture'. The object of sumi-e is to capture the essence, spirit, and energy of the subject matter. She calls it painting from the heart. Her personal painting style is based on traditional and contemporary.

Susan uses Asian brush painting techniques. Her materials are Chinese ink, watercolor, gouache, and ground mineral pigments like azurite and malachite on Asian papers made from sandalwood, mulberry, linen, and other plant fibers and barks. She uses bamboo brushes made from a variety of animal hair. Emphasis is on brush loading and brush manipulation, control of ink, color, and water on very absorbent rice paper. The "chi" or life force within the brush stroke is important as well as in the finished composition. The whole idea is to gain complete control over the materials so that you can let go of control.

Besides ink painting on rice paper, Susan's other love is painting on silk to produce brilliantly colored couture fashions such as blouses, scarves, cocoon jacket with dress ensembles, and men's silk shirts. When you wear her silk creations, you are wearing art.

By sharing her love of painting with others, Susan has been teaching for many years, with workshops and painting expeditions in such beautiful places as Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, Alaska, Washington, and Guatemala.

Her website is: http://www.susanframe.com

A more detailed account of Susan's work with Sumi-e artwork is found in this interview -> Interview.

Susan has numerous haiga/haiku publications, has served as resident artist for haigaonline, and she has published a book on Sumi-e painting, Japanese Ink Painting: Beginner's Guide to Sumi-E, Sterling Pub Co Inc, May 2002, 080698967X

image: Susan demonstrating at her annual "Painting in Paradise" workshop held at her studio in Clearwater, Florida.