Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6

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Anna Poplawska: Haiku

so many headstones: many more blades  
........of grass Spring–
  ....a new moon cradled in
  ....the crotch of a still leafless tree
I dream of a bachelor  
with shaggy red hair...  
and red leaves Gentle summer breeze
..........falling yet oak leaves fall... Aah, you
  white-bellied squirrel you!
Street light, ball of light,  
leaves receding far into  
....the nightfall, full moon. Boat, in reflection:
  ....fuzzy edged,
  ......rippling apart


Anna Poplawska is a member of the Chicago Art Critics Association. Her writing about the visual arts, theater, and literature have appeared regularly in a number of publications, including Encyclopedia Brittanica Yearbook, Chicago Artists News, Footlights Playbill, and YogaChicago. She is the haiku editor for YogaChicago and a member of the Arts & Culture Committee of the C.G. Jung Center of Chicago. Her own haiku have been previously published in Solares Hill, YogaChicago, and Haiku Headlines, from whom she received an award of special recognition.