Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6

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Helen Jones: Haiku

spring camping trip  
father and son  
hold up the same fish pink gifts from
  the mimosa tree
  hats for dead leaves
with dragonfly wings  
I could fly  
the length of the river dangling from
  the child's clenched fist
  half a daisy


Helen Jones was originally from Georgia, but has resided the last fifteen years in Fort Worth, Texas. She taught haiku to students for many years before she discovered what they were really all about. Now she make sure her students understand the beautiful concepts behind the form before they start writing them. She is currently the vice president of the Fort Worth Haiku Society. Jones says that she likes learning to look at the world through a microscope, then writing with a telescope.