Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6

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Johnye Strickland: Haiku

a lone black wolf bays at the hunter's moon  
  sitting zazen  a brown lizard
in the red lighthouse .......joins us  to contemplate mu
two flutes  
playing Mozart  
  redeye flight -
  a thin orange line
autumn equinox limns the horizon*
a solitary bird calls  
to the half moon  


* limn: to delineate

Johnye Strickland is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (USA). She has been studying haiku and renku for four years.

At present, she is an Associate Editor of Simply Haiku, a proofreader for the World Haiku Review, and a member of the Haiku Society of America, the World Haiku Club, and the WHC International Kigo Project.

Examples of her haiku, senryu, and renku are available online in World Haiku Review and Simply Haiku.

Now that she has some sense of what these forms are about, she hopes to learn how to do haibun, tanka, and photographic haiga as well.