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November-December 2004, Volume 2, Number 6

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Introduction: Haiku Clinic
William J. Higginson, Editor [email] [bio]

"Polish your language!"--Master Yatsuka Ishihara
(When asked "What one piece of advice would you give to Western haiku writers?")

Now and again, the editors of Simply Haiku forward me some anonymous examples of poems that they liked, but which seemed not quite ready to include in the magazine. I go through the poems, writing parallel draft verses on different subjects based in my own experience. (By "parallel verses" I mean verses that attempt to duplicate some aspects of the originals' grammar, poetic structure, and psychological force while shifting the specifics into other times, environments, and subject matter.) I sort the resulting drafts into groups based on the problems I see in them, rewrite them into the best haiku I can make on those experiences--if possible--and report the results in the haiku clinic.

Do you have revision suggestions that you think might improve the poems discussed in the most recent clinic? Or a way that might improve the "final" versions offered beyond where I got them to? Pick one specific poem from among those in the current clinic, and tell me about it. If I like your suggestion, it will appear in the next installment of "Haiku Clinic" along with your name.

To view the current clinic go here: Haiku Clinic.

To send me an email, use the address: "" [but substitute "@" for "-at-"], with the subject line Haiku Clinic. (Please, only one poem to a customer!)

~ William J. Higginson


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